Sarao’s Bar: Little Miami (for better or worse)

You’ve probably heard of Little Havana, the area populated by Cuban exiles and Cuban Americans in Miami, FL. Well Sarao’s is Havana’s take on little Miami–but just one bar. It’s kind of somewhere between an ok lough and a mediocre club. If that doesn’t really sounds like your cup of rum, you’re not along. It’s not exactly where we spend our time. It’s a little too exclusive, and a little too pretentious–especially for a city rooted in Socialism, and where the average person still only makes $20 a month.

Don’t get us wrong, it can be a fun time. There’s often life music, as well as events like fashion shows, and if you’re hoping to cross paths with the likes of Usher and Katy Perry, it’s not a bad idea to pop in (though, seriously, if you came to Havana for the slight possibility of running into an American celebrity, you’re doing it wrong). But if you’re really interested in taking a peak at Havana’s upper crust, this is your spot.

Calle E and 17, Vedado, Havana
Best after 10pm, the later the better, but there will be a line