Cafe Laurent: An Overlooked Gem Overlooking the City

Though perhaps not as hip or popular as restaurants like El Cocinero or La Guarida, Cafe Laurent certainly offers consistently delicious food on par with it’s more well-known contemporaries. Located atop a residential building just a few blocks from the Hotel Nacional, the restaurant a menu that’s big on taste and never lets down on quality. Maybe they have to try harder because they lack the name recognition, but seriously, we’ve never been disappointed with this spot. If you’re looking for some upscale for the Cuban specialty ropa vieja (pictured above) this is your place.

Cafe Laurent-0108.jpg

The prices are reasonable, the views are great, and the cocktails are delicious. If you’re in the neighborhood, perhaps grabbing a drink at the Hotel Nacional, be sure to stop here for a bite. It’s usually empty at lunch, and even for dinner, a pair or small group can grab a seat at the small counter offering a panoramic view of the city.

257 Calle M between 19 and 21, Vedado, Havana
Open 12:00pm to 12:00am