El Cafe: Great, and Not Just for Cuba

Calling it now: this place has the best sandwiches in Havana. Homemade sourdough bread, fresh veggies, great sauces, and a BLT with REAL BACON. And the space is beautiful. With the big windows, relaxed atmosphere and coffee shop vibe, you’ll probably want to stay and relax or get a little work done–though there will probably be someone waiting in line for your table.

El Cafe-0536.jpg

They also have wonderful breakfast plates and delicious coffees and juices—try the lemonade. It’s all very affordable, and though may have to wait for lunch, it’s worth it. Just make sure you go during the day, because they’re only open til six. We know, we’re bummed too.

358 Amargura between Cristo and Aguacate, Old Havana
+53 7 8613817