Bertol Brecht: The Moose Lodge of Havana (in a good way)

Ever been in a Moose Lodge? No? Well if you had, you’d know what to expect at Bertolt Brecht. Originally a synagogue, it was donated to the Cuban government after the revolution. Since then, it’s been used as a cafe and community center, the basement of which serves as a live music venue. Like all government-run music venues in Havana, it’s a five CUC cover for foreigners and one CUC for Cubans. The performers change nightly, but if you get there on a good night and you’re in for something special. And probably a long wait in line. But as with anything in Cuba, if there’s a line it’s probably worth it.

The decor is a mix of early 70’s night club and community center basement. There’s a bar at the far end and the event space houses a circular central stage surrounded by a tiered seating/standing area filled with tables and chairs. It’s dark and smokey and will make you feel like to traveled back to 1979. It’s unpretentious but hip crowd, with a smattering of tourists throw in. The doors don’t open til 11 and the shows don’t usually start til midnight or later. Check it out on Wednesdays for an always-excellent performance by the Cuban latin fusion band Interactivo.

Calle 13 and I, Vedado (behind the small park on Linea)
Get in line before 11, shows start at midnight