La Fabrica de Cerveza: Warm, Mediocre, Expensive, Half-full Beers on the Plaza

A story: the last time I went here, my friends and I noticed they were only filling the beer towers 2/3 full. After we realized we were being short-changed, my friends asked me if they should complain. I told them it definitely wasn’t worth it, because it’s a government run place, and besides the beer isn’t very good anyway.

But the couple at the table next to us, who had also ordered a beer tower–three, I think–weren’t going to give up. They were German, and Germans don’t like it when you mess with their beer. They complained to the waiter, who became “angry” and acted like they were accusing him of stealing. So he brought out the manager, who was unable to resolve the situation, and so they bring out manager’s manager.

After much back and forth, and the assertion that they should have complained before they drank all the beer (never mind the fact that you can’t count how many beers you received until you’ve poured it all out) he finally broke down. “Listen,” he said, “This is not a private restaurant. At a private restaurant, you could complain, and they would take care of you. But this is government-run, and because of that, you are in the wrong.” And he walked away.

Gotta love the honesty.

But, hey, it ain’t all bad. And “sometimes you just want to sit in a plaza and be a tourist and drink expensive beer.”

San Ignacio on Plaza Vieja, Habana Vieja
Noon to whenever