[CLOSED] El Litoral: Check out the Salad Bar (No, Seriously)

Unfortunately, this bar was closed along with a few others run by the same owner, allegedly due to money laundering. Read more

A pleasant little mediterranean restaurant on the Malecon, just a few blocks from the US embassy. The seafood is pretty good and the atmosphere is upscale, so not a bad place if you’re looking to impress someone or looking for a nice place to eat while you’re wandering down the Malecon. But the real deal is the salad bar, which is really more of a buffet. It’s an odd assortment (there’s, like, some sort of cold baked chicken floating in olive oil?), but there’s something in it for everyone, and it’s probably the best bang for your buck. I’m not entirely sure, but they may charge based on how many plates you take. Really don’t know. Good luck.

Malecon 161 between K and L