Lamparilla 361: Nightlight in Old Havana

No, that title’s not a typo–although Lamparilla 361 isn’t a bad nightlife spot, its name literally translates to “night light” and is also the restaurant’s address. At $10 a plate, this place is expensive for Havana, but the food is actually pretty great, and on par with some of the better restaurants in Havana. The grilled vegetables are surprisingly good, as are most of the seafood dishes. The decor takes a page from the also excellent Sia Kara, though the food at 361 is arguably better. It’s not a bad place to go just for drinks and appetizers wither, and if you order the Daiquiri Frape there’s a chance that you’ll end up with this monstrosity:


Lamparilla #361 (Get it? The address is also the name of the bar), between Vilegas and Aguacate
Open til 12am to midnight