Cafe de los Artistas

The restaurant is located in the “bohemian” part of Old Havana, which is only about three blocks long near the Museo de la Revolucion and I guess has more galleries than the rest of Havana or something. But it is a cool area and it does have a different feel than the rest of the city. For three blocks.

Anyway, the Cafe de los Artistas is a popular spot that everyone seems to know. This must be in some guidebook or something. It’s a nice spot, but I’m not sure why it’s so well know. The food is good, drinks are good, it’s not outrageously expensive, but it’s not cheap either. It’s a good spot if you can get a table. If not, there’s a few other restaurants right around it you can sit at (we recommend La Farmacia as a backup) so it’s a nice area to hit up if you’re looking for some options.

Last time I was there they tried to sell our table on a super expensive bottle of rum, but I just bought one glass of it. I think they opened just for me…

Aguiar #22 between Peña Pobre and Ave de los Missiones