King Bar: As the name implies…

Looking for just, like, a regular bar where you can overpay for a drink and maybe meet a girl? Where stuff like the above photo occurs nightly ? King Bar is it.

The name in Cuban Spanish means “to f*ck”—so no, you’re not imagining that the “K” logo looks like two people boning. The bar has a nice outdoor area with tables and food, but the real action is inside. After you pass through the airlock (there’s two doors, with a small hallway in between, that the bouncers keep sure to keep one door closed at all times to keep the noise in and avoid bothering the neighbors) you’ll find a modern-ish, usually-packed bar playing the latest hits.

If you’re looking to meet someone for a little “kingbar” (possibly a jinetera/o) or overpay for a bottle and a (small) table with some friends, or just let your hair down and dance, this ain’t a bad spot. And the drinks aren’t too overpriced. The place is usually empty before 11 but gets pretty packed by midnight.

If you go during the day, the outdoor area is actually a nice little restaurant with some pretty decent food. We’ve heard it’s even a good spot to get some work done, but given the mistakes we’ve made there at three in the morning, we don’t think it’d be a very productive work environment.

Calle 23 between D and E
Empty before 11pm, gets good by midnight, goes til…who knows