Fabrica de Arte Cubano: Don’t Leave Havana Without It


Once a vacant warehouse space, the Fabrica de Arte Cubano (FAC) now houses a sprawling nightspot that’s a combination bar, gallery, music venue, event space, nightclub, and restaurant.


It’s tough to put into words–we just recommend you check it out. It’s only open Thursday through Sunday, and the line gets long (like, over an hour long) after 9pm or so, especially during the tourist season. So get there early.

The price of admission is only 2 CUC, so the FAC, owned by famed Cuban musician X Alfonso, is welcome to everyone–tourists and Cubans alike. If you go on a Friday or Saturday, there will usually be both a performance in the upstairs theater–dance, fashion, comedy–followed by a live concert in the music hall below. Not to mention the live music and DJs tucked away in other alcoves throughout the space.

But be sure to take some time walking around the massive space to see some Cuban art and maybe meet a fellow traveler or friendly local. There’s no end of things to do and you could easily end up spending hours bouncing from spot to spot.

Keep an eye on your exits, though. The space isn’t know if it’s fire safety.