El Dandy: Great Little Corner Bar

Run by a Swedish photographer whose photos of Havana’s government-run bars dot the walls, El Dandy is a great little corner bar by the Plaza del Cristo in Old Havana. The neon sign is impossible to miss. The beer is cold, the drinks are good, the staff is friendly and the food is pretty decent. Though it’s certainly popular among tourists, it doesn’t feel like many of the other touristy bars in Old Havana. It’s big, open front doors give the place a chill vibe and make it a nice spot to relax with some friends. If you’ve got a little extra money spent, try the tacos. At 7.50CUC, they’re pricey, but they’re the best tacos we’ve found in Havana (which, admittedly, are a step down from anywhere else in the world, just to set your expectations).

Teniente Rey and Vilegas
Open til midnight